ProfileMy family has called Pownal home since 1958. and Vermont home for centuries.  My love of this state and this town is why I want to serve my community by running for Pownal Select Board.  I hope you will give me your consideration and your support on election day, Tuesday, March 6th.

My Political Philosophy:

*Oppose the increasing rules and regulations from the state.  Towns are quickly losing their voice and sovereignty as the state imposes more costs, more regulations, more burdens on all Vermonters, on all towns.  This is the one of the many reasons Forbes ranks Vermont 48th out of 50 in economic outlook.  Vermont’s economic ‘answer’ is always to spend more public money.  This is why Vermont is losing people.  Building bike paths will not bring them back.  JOBS will bring them back.

*I am becoming increasingly concerned about a growing trend of separation and vilification of opposing political views. The divide is even greater along socio-economic lines. The local government has not been listening to the voices of locals. This has become most evident in the recently proposed town plan, which has as a majority of its vision geared towards creating an art community. While the arts are important and always enriching, this lopsided focus as a primary need for Pownal shows a deep lack of connection with the true needs of Pownal citizens, especially those in financial stress.

Our town needs elected officials who are willing to challenge the status quo, and to make sometimes very hard evaluations of policy, spending and municipal actions. This needs to happen now before we lose even more struggling families and workers to states that have more financial opportunity and less constrictive regulations on business and industry development.

*Fiscal Responsibility –  Excessive taxes hurt people.

-Lower taxes will bring in more business, give Vermonters more money, and stimulate the economy.

-High property taxes are forcing many Vermonters off of their property and out of the state as well as contributing to increasing rent.  These taxes are quickly acting like outright confiscation of private property.

*Strong Free Market advocate

– Fact: The free market has paid for more food, clothing, housing, education, and healthcare than all philanthropy and all government programs combined.   As Milton Fiedman put it: “Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”

*Primary focus should be reduced government spending, reduced regulation to foster a business-friendly atmosphere.

*Strong advocate of REAL school choice.  Voucher system for charter schools, religious schools, private schools, homeschooling, and public schools.  This is the key to increasing education quality and decreasing cost.  Put parents/students in charge.