Thank you!

I am honored and grateful to have been selected by the people of Pownal to serve on the Select Board. We are blessed as a town to have had a broad field of candidates to choose from; all of whom clearly want what is best for Pownal.

As I promised during my campaign, I will strive to make our town government as transparent as possible, and to solicit input from the good people of Pownal for all major decisions. And I will make sure all initiatives are weighed fully against the costs before approval.

We are also blessed to have the experience and dedication of the current select board members. I will be looking to them to learn the ins and outs of the position, and the tasks ahead of us.

Congratulations to Julie Weber for town clerk, Ellen Strohmaier for Treasurer, Ron Bisson and Jenny Dewar for the 1 year select board term.

Thank you to all that supported me, and thanks to the other candidates for a positive race. I look forward to serving the people of Pownal.

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