Bob Jarvis – Answers to Questions (FPF Post)

PUBLISHED Bob Jarvis • • Mt. Anthony Road, North Pownal

Posted to: Pownal


I want to thank those of you who have posed questions to me. As promised, I am answering your questions here.

I received a question via email from Richard regarding my opinion on a new town manager.

I believe it to be fiscally irresponsible to be considering the hiring of a town manager instead of using the resources already available to us. If for some reason the select board feels that Linda or Julie are not equipped to serve our town, then I feel the best solution would be to pay for any extra training they might need to help them perform their duties with the changing requirements of the county and state. We will never find a manager that has the knowledge of Pownal that these two women have, and the relationships they have formed over many years. Let’s preserve their positions and help equip them to meet the changing needs.

Having attended many meetings of the planning commission and select board in the present town office, I can certainly attest to the need for improved accommodations. However, I think that it is irresponsible to depend on only one architect’s plans and ideas to decide the best solution. Instead, I would like to see the job be bid out to multiple contractors, and creative construction practices be considered such as steel buildings and creating an addition to the already existing structure. I believe we can create a sustainable working space for our public servants and public meetings while also spending our citizen’s tax money responsibly and reasonably.

Secondly, I want to thank Megan for her question, and I hope others will keep them coming. The question is quoted here, “What besides obstruction, negativity, and constant harping about the so-called unfairness of anyone who disagrees with his extreme positions does Mr. Jarvis offer? What has he given Pownal?”

I have spent many hours studying the proposed town plan, state policy and legislation, meeting with fellow residents, attending planning commission and select board meetings, writing suggestions and re-writes for changes to the town plan and other policies that I feel would benefit Pownal. I have never denigrated anyone’s character, nor doubted their motives or intentions even when I disagree with them on policy. If you watch any meeting that I have attended on CATTV you will see that I listen, ask questions, and treat everyone with respect.

I am not sure which of my positions you consider extreme, as most of my views come from a liberty minded position which i am certain many in Pownal share. Perhaps if you tell me specifically which views you find extreme I can clarify. It is disheartening to hear that because I express my opinion, it is seen as somehow obstructionist. I love my hometown, and to assume I want anything but the very best for it is an example of the marginalization of opposing views.

In closing, I would like to ask any other candidates a question: what is your view on article 28? Should the people of Pownal be able to continue to vote in their town clerk, or should the clerk be appointed and overseen by the select board?

Thanks to all, and I would appreciate your support on election day.

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