Front Porch Forum – Candidacy Announcement

Hello fellow Pownal citizens. I am Bob Jarvis, and I am running for Pownal Select Board 3year term.

I want to thank those of you who were able to attend my meet and greet at the library this past weekend.  For those of you who were unable to attend, and are interested in learning more about me and what I hope to achieve as a select board member, I want to publicly answer some questions that have been posed to me.  Before I begin, if you have ANY question you would like to ask me, please contact me through any of the following forums;    Facebook:  Bob for Pownal

I will answer your questions directly, and publicly post answers to Front Porch Forum.

  1. Why are you running for office?

I am deeply concerned that the true needs of Pownal citizens are not being addressed by our current government.  What I see as the biggest need for Pownal now is jobs and economic development.  The current proposed town plan has put up massive barriers against any large employer being able to come to our town.  The proposed town plan’s vision is almost exclusively dedicated to the arts.  The only mention of a large employer is in a negative comment.  I should add that it is wonderful that we have a growing arts community in Pownal, but that is only one small part of our town.  The town plan MUST represent ALL Pownal citizens.  A lopsided focus on one sector of our economy will hurt ALL sectors of the economy INCLUDING the arts.

  1. What are the proposed barriers to a large employer who might want to locate in Pownal?

According to the proposed town plan, before a large employer can locate in Pownal, it must meet 8 highly restrictive requirements. These requirements would bar any large employer from actually being able to do business in Pownal.  These barriers are not required of any other kind of business.  Having these barriers in place will signal to ANY large business that might want to locate here that the local government will not support them and will likely prevent them from being able to succeed.

  1. Do you think the town clerk should be an elected or appointed position?

I have personally witnessed Julie Weber (our current acting town clerk) courageously hold the planning commission and select board accountable to legal process and procedure on multiple occasions.  That accountability disappears if she reports to the select board.  The town clerk MUST remain an elected position.  Please vote NO on Article 28.

  1. How will you be able to serve on the select board while also holding your current job?

My love of this town and my concern for its direction is what has motivated me to run for this position.  I will absolutely make the time for this job as it is one of my highest priorities.  I am compelled to help change the current direction of the town that I am from and am raising my family in.     Facebook:  Bob for Pownal

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